Etiquette & Attire - Dominion Valley Country Club

Etiquette & Attire

A Few Basic Rules…

  • Always replace your divots. If you can’t replace your divot, please use the sand bottles provided on the cart to fill it in.
  • Always fix your ball mark and one other on each green.
  • Rake bunkers; place rakes outside of bunkers when finished.
  • Observe all cart rules for that particular day.


Dress code rules apply to the golf course and practice facilities:

  • Men’s shirts must have a collar.
  • Women may wear shorts, skirts, or slacks.
  • Please do not wear denim, cut-off shorts, running shorts, swimming attire, gym shorts, spandex, tennis dresses, tank tops, halter tops, or T-shirts.


All children ages 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times, both on the golf course and on practice facility. Children from ages 12-15 may meet with a member of the professional staff to determine whether or not they may play and practice without the supervision of an adult.

Registering for Play

All players, including guests, must register in the golf shop before going to the golf course. Please remember to sign your ticket for cart fees and guest fees before you leave the golf shop.

Pace of Play

All members and guests deserve the same opportunity to play a round of golf in a reasonable amount of time. Please keep in mind it is the responsibility of the player to monitor their pace, as well as their playing partners. We have determined the acceptable pace for 18 holes of golf will be 4 hours and 10 minutes. However on weekends and busy weekdays, pace of play guidelines are based on your position on the golf course, not just the length of time on course. It is each groups responsibility to be “in position” relative to the group preceding your own. We will never measure your “pace of play” based on your position in reference to the group behind you.

The following check points will be used to determine if your group is “out of position” on the course.

  • Group reaches teeing ground of a Par 3 hole which is clear.
  • Group fails to clear the teeing ground of a par 4 hole before preceding group clears the putting green.
  • Group arrives at the teeing ground of a Par 5 hole when the preceding group is on the putting green.
  • Or if group is more than one swing behind the preceding group.

Our professional staff and player assistants will make every effort to assist players when they fall behind. We are asking that any verbal warning regarding your pace or position be acted upon by your group. Any golfers that fail to adhere to the above guidelines will be verbally warned twice while on course. If a third reminder is needed, your group will be moved back into position by our staff.

Should anyone need help on how to achieve the 4 hour and 10 minute goal for your rounds please let us know. Our Professional staff can educate you on how to speed up your pace of play. We can provide you with tips and demonstrations on how to play faster and at the same time enjoy your golf experience.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dominion Valley Golf Shop at 571-222-6916.

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