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Clubs Within a Club

Clubs within a Club is a personal way for fellow Members to share interests, commonalities, and get together to have a great time!

We encourage everyone to get involved as we help create an environment where Members can design and run their own specialty Clubs, such as a Wine Club or Motorcycle Club. Members decide whether they want to meet on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss, sample or do something active. We’re happy to assist in finding like-minded Members, providing tips and getting the Clubs up and running!

Clubs within a Club at Dominion Valley

Bible Study
Contact - Rhoda Chari
Contact - Courtney Mautz
Singled Out
Bike Riding
Contact - Richard Kessinger
Knitting & Needlework Soccer
Contact - Perry Cherpes
Book Club
Contact - Karen Gray
Karaoke Tennis
Bridge Club
Contact - Anita Butera
Miami Dolphins
Contact - Dom Pucci
Tot Playgroup
Contact - Silvia Earl
Contact - Bill Peery
Walking Club
Business Networking
Contact - Eva Jenkins 
Music War Gaming with Miniatures
Card Making
Contact - Kim Freeze 
Parents of Children with Special Needs Wine
Contact - Jan Burse
Coffee & Tea
Contact - Mary Rose Lam
Contact - Bill Peery
Women in Business
Computer Users Rumba
Contact - Mary Rose Lam
Travel Camping and Fishing
Elderly Care Support Scrapbooking Investment Club
Contact - Ben Benita
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